Launch of Arquus

Accelerating Southeast
Asia’s conversion into renewable energy

After months of preparation, we are proud to announce the launch of Arquus; the auspicious start of our long journey to fight against climate change.

Our expertise is in finance, so we are assembling a team of local professionals in hopes of facilitating sustained capital flow towards this important cause within Southeast Asia.

This journey will require a disciplined approach and rigorous research. On that note, we have decided to focus on renewable energy as we believe it provides the right confluence of market readiness, regulatory support and investor appetite for us to make our most impactful contribution.

The capital needs renewable energy is enormous. Channeling the power of private finance is critical if we are to make this work – that means balancing mission goals, entrepreneurial incentives and risk-adjusted returns. Get the mix right, and we will be able to a produce a virtuous cycle of investments, divestments and capital recycling to boost sector development.

This is what Arquus is about. While our main business is fund management, we also plan to accumulate organizational knowledge so that we may become a valued resource for renewable energy investing within Southeast Asia.

We are optimistic about what we can do for the investors, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders of renewable energy, and we look forward to your support!