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Arquus is an advisory & investment firm channeling the power of private finance towards climate change mitigation efforts within Southeast Asia.

Our main business is managing private equity funds. We are developing a robust framework with local professionals and rigorous research in order to facilitate sustained capital flow towards this cause whilst providing attractive risk-adjusted returns.

While much of our previous work were in general mandate firms, Arquus has a specific mission: Contribute towards a region-wide renewable energy mix of at least 50% by 2030; in line with IPCC recommendations to limit global warming to <1.5°C from pre-industrial levels.

Drawing upon our capital market experience as well as on-the-ground presence, we believe this constrained focus will allow for a more effective build up of institutional expertise and maximizes outcomes.

Effectively mitigating climate change requires a multifaceted approach from many stakeholders. We hope our work will serve as clarion call to bring Southeast Asia towards a more sustainable future.


Who we look for?

Arquus is a specialist firm with an important mission. We look for individuals not only with excellent skills, but also the passion to mitigate climate change through impactful work.

While much research is readily available, we believe there is no substitute to the accumulation of on-the-ground knowledge & experience for us to improve at what we do. The more of these we collate and retain, the more can be disseminated through our investees and stakeholders, the more impactful our work shall be.

Hence, we view the alignment of values between the firm, the market and our team as central to our competitive advantage. Climate change mitigation is a long-term endeavor and we need to ensure good people stick around to see things through. Our organizational setup and compensation package likewise is designed to meet this aspiration.


Career enquiries

If you have enquiries about open positions, or would like to submit your resume for future consideration, please get in touch through our contact page.